The AERIS data centre (Atmosphere,

The AERIS data centre, dedicated to the atmosphere, was created in 2014 but is based on more than 20 years of experience. AERIS is based on four data and service centres, integrated and increasingly shared.

AERIS generates products from the observations made, but also provides many services to help in the use of the data, help in the realization of collection campaigns, or interfaces with the models.

Research in the atmospheric domain concerns themes such as dynamics, physics and atmospheric chemistry. It also includes work more oriented towards the study of climate change. To carry out this research, the scientific community uses models but also observations, whether they are obtained on the ground, by satellites or airborne vehicles.

One of the challenges of this century is to make these data accessible to a broad community, whether for research activities or commercial applications. To be useful, these observational data must be calibrated, validated and homogenized. It is in this context that AERIS intervenes.

AERIS is constituted around four data centres (ESPRI, ICARE, SEDOO and SATMOS) with the means for collective data management, where about 40 people are involved. It also relies on centres of expertise and laboratory networks, which are essential elements of a data centre for algorithmic developments and prototyping.

It is positioned as a key player in the provision of data and services at the French and European levels.