Blue-Cloud services unleash the potential of cloud-based open science
Blue-Cloud Services is the first part [A] of the flagship initiative “The Future of the Seas and Oceans” resulting from a call for proposals H2020. It thus represents the “marine” version of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC).

The project will run for 3 years and addresses a practical approach to harness the potential of open science based on clouds to deliver a set of services to better understand and manage the many aspects of ocean sustainability, through a series of five Blue-Cloud pilot demonstrators.

The overall ambition is to bring together in this Blue Cloud Services :

European and multidisciplinary marine data from satellite and in situ sensors and models,
computer platforms forming a virtual environment,
and analytical tools.
The positioning of Blue-Cloud demonstrates a major synergy at European level by federating the main European marine data infrastructures (e.g. SeaDataNet, EurOBIS, Euro-Argo, Argo GDAC, EMODnet, ELIXIR-ENA, EuroBioImaging, DIAS, CMEMS, and ICOS-Marine) as well as EOSC infrastructures (e.g. EUDAT, D4Sciences).

IFREMER is in charge of the WP3 activity package “Blue-Cloud Pilot Demonstrators”, which includes all activities around the set-up, structuring and implementation of five demonstrators aiming at unlocking the potential of the Blue-Cloud architecture and complete Blue-Cloud services. The five demonstrators cover five different domains relevant to the call: plankton, genomics, environment, fisheries and aquaculture. This package will also define the needs of the demonstrators and put in place validation and feedback collection mechanisms to ensure that the demonstrators are user-oriented. Sorbonne University is also a partner in the plankton and genomics demonstrators.

EOSC-Pillar, PHIDIAS and Blue-Cloud are three European projects that have just been accepted.