THEIA data centre (Continental Surfaces,

The Theia data centre, dedicated to continental surfaces, was created in 2012. It is structured as a Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) distributed among several actors, a network of Scientific Expertise Centres (SEC) and Theia Regional Animation (RAN) in the different metropolitan regions and French overseas territories.

The Theia continental surface data and services centre has 4 main objectives:

  1. To promote and facilitate access to Earth observation space data, for scientists and public actors, both in terms of imagery, value-added products and in situ data.
  2. To develop value-added products and services for the scientific community and public actors ;
  3. Networking skills;
  4. Support French research dedicated to the observation of emerged surfaces on a European and international scale.

The work of the Theia consortium is organised around 24 scientific expertise centres working to develop adapted and innovative products in 10 major cross-cutting themes. A network of 9 RANs (Theia Regional Animation Networks) enables to organize an exchange with actors and users of products in territories in metropolitan France, overseas and in southern countries.