GO FAIR is an initiative of the Netherlands, Germany and France that proposes the development of an international research environment enriched by data.

In order to move towards the realisation of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC), Germany and the Netherlands have established an international office to support the GO FAIR initiative. France is joining them and will also contribute to this international support and coordination office (GOFAIR International Support and Coordination Office – GFISCO).

France is a founding member of GO FAIR and confirms its international involvement in research data and the European open science cloud (EOSC).

The objective of GO FAIR is to gradually open up existing research data within scientific and academic institutions in all fields of research and across national borders.
It is thus a springboard towards the realisation of the European Open Science Cloud. The EOSC aims to provide an open platform for the exchange of research data that will link researchers across Europe. The EOSC will enable the use and re-use of research results and data, which will benefit not only science, but also industry and society.

Role of the new GO FAIR International Support and Co-ordination Office (GFISCO)
Supporting digital infrastructure implementation networks,
Support research and communities in their efforts to provide FAIR data and services.
The German, Dutch and French Research Ministries each make a financial contribution to the International Support and Coordination Office.
The GO FAIR initiative

  • An open and co-operative approach: all Member States and research institutes, digital infrastructure communities and possibly industry can support or contribute.
  • The shared research data and digital services used meet the four FAIR principles: easy to find (F), accessible (A), interoperable (I) and reusable (R). FAIR data and services will enable the reuse of research data in different disciplines and in different countries, thus contributing to the generation of new knowledge.

Within this framework, IR DATA TERRA is leading the GAIA DATA IN project.