The PHIDIAS project aims to develop and implement prototypes for the exploitation of spatial and environmental Earth Science data using High Performance Computing (HPC) capabilities.

PHIDIAS will officially take place in November 2019, until 2022.

It integrates several data centres of the DATA TERRA research infrastructure: ODATIS for the “Ocean” theme that IFREMER will manage (activity 6), AERIS for the “Atmosphere” theme and THEIA for the “Continental Surfaces” theme. IR DATA TERRA is managing the WP3 activity package for the technical coordination of the whole project.

This PHIDIAS project will develop datasets to be added to the EOSC catalogues. It will optimise processing flows and provide open access to standardised HPC services. The consortium will improve FAIRisation processes and open access to data. PHIDIAS will thus propose to bring together in a single framework, according to a generic workflow for massive scientific data, dissemination, data analysis and resource archiving.

Two European computing centres (CINES in France and CSC in Finland) will explore a distributed model for data transfer and resource allocation. With regard to use cases, the project will develop methods for post-processing data.