Each Data Terra data centre relies onc’est pourquoi un a Scientific Council that helps the centre’s management to define the strategic directions for product and service development and to select projects to be implemented. Each data centre therefore has a scientific strategy for the development of its specific thematic (atmosphere, ocean, continental surface, or solid earth). However, many scientific questions require access to data and services from several themes in order to answer cross-cutting scientific questions.

It is the motivation of the “science” working group consititued within Data Terra in order to, first of all, elaborate the development axes around the data linked to transversal themes. This group ats as an interface between the scientific aspects dealt with in each cluster and those requiring transversal approaches.    A  also in charge of defining and evaluating cross-disciplinary projects to be implemented.

A first document (link to the file) has been produced which describes the cross-cutting scientific issues surrounding the data and specifies the resulting obstacles/challenges on data.

 The science group is composed of scientific directors of the data centers or deputy directors and experts:

  To date, the members who have participated in the production of this scientific document are:

 Frédéric Huynh, Head of DATA TERRA

and alphabetically

 Nicolas Badghadi

 Michel Diament

 Olivier Hagolle

 Cecile Lasserre

 Sylvie Galle

 Sebastien Payan

Helle Pedersen

 Jérôme Riedi

 Sabine Schmidt

Nicole Papineau, Data Terra project manager, is in charge of the group’s secretariat.