The main objective of the services is to regularly generate data and data products derived from observations and measurements (from satellites on the ground, through experiments and models), up to the production of environmental indicators. They interface with observation infrastructures and support them in the framework of jointly established Data Management Plans (DMPs). They provide structured and harmonised data sets and data product models in terms of description (metadata), format and quality, and can be used as a reference by a wide range of users.

Testing of infrastructure services through pilot projects in the GAIA DATA Project

Ongoing testing and monitoring of the distributed services infrastructure will be programmed to stress test the characteristics of the services offered through use cases conducted by the scientific community. The GAIA advanced digital infrastructure will be a fundamental element for the Earth and environmental science community, just like the acquisition of a large instrument in other research disciplines (e.g. a telescope, a particle accelerator or a supercomputer), and can be considered as a data-scope. It is fundamental to demonstrate from the outset the potential for breakthrough research and scientific progress that such an instrument allows, by encouraging its sustainable use through a “challenge” mode with projects at scale. This pilot phase will include a call for proposals and the selection of several case studies chosen for their potential to achieve scientific breakthroughs and their ability to deploy a complex workflow for the processing and analysis of large volumes of multisource data across several of the infrastructure components. It is modeled on the type of challenges organized for supercomputer access. Throughout the project, collaborative work sessions, for example in hackathon mode, will be organised to enable communities to develop and deploy new advanced research-oriented services on the GAIA Data infrastructure, with the specific support of experts.

The GAIA Data project therefore covers the five highest layers of e-Infrastructures, from digital infrastructures to specific data services.
GAIA Data proposes to offer users data services dedicated to the observation, modelling and study of the earth system, i.e. the geosphere, biosphere and climate. These services will implement the FAIR principles and the machine-readable digital object protocol, taking into account specific features such as geographic and temporal referencing. For example, cartographic aspects are at the heart of the services. GAIA Data will also offer routine or on-demand processing specific to each domain, with colocated placement of various observations, geostatistical analyses and environmental models.

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