DINAMIS—for Dispositif Institutionnel National d’Approvisionnement Mutualisé en Imagerie Satellitaire*—is a cross-cutting component of the Data Terra research infrastructure.

* National structure for shared procurement of satellite imagery

It succeeds precursor structures like GEOSUD, ISIS and Pleiades public service delegation (DSP), harmonizing and pooling their resources—archives, data reception systems, IT infrastructures and organization—to propose a long-term solution for users of very-high-resolution (VHR) satellite data. DINAMIS supplies satellite imagery to Data Terra’s Theia, ODATIS, ForM@Ter and AERIS data hubs. It is thus helping to drive development of new Earth-observation products and services to inform public national and local policies.

DINAMIS is dedicated to French and foreign institutional users under specific subscription conditions and aims to centralize and ease uptake of very-high-resolution satellite imagery in the public sphere for:

• Research and development: fundamental and applied research, early-stage development and demonstration phases
• Land planning
• Environmental monitoring and management
• Innovation and value creation

DINAMIS provides access to a bouquet of very-high-resolution commercial optical satellite data and serves as a relay for free high-resolution optical and radar data.

Inspired by six founding organizations—CNES, CNRS, IGN, INRAE, IRD and CIRAD—this structure came into being in 2018. It is now open to new contributors who may adopt various funding formulas to suit their needs and resources.


DINAMIS offers:

  • An entry point for commercial satellite data
  • A free catalogue of all available data
  • Acquisition of fresh data on request of French or foreign territory, currently at two resolutions: 1.5 m or 50 cm
  • Operational support tailored to users’ needs
  • Additional custom services for co-funding partners

Who can subscribe?

DINAMIS is serving the scientific community and local stakeholders looking to use satellite data. Maps and indicators will benefit public policies, local authorities and even private citizens.

User profiles

  • Institutional users: All national and local public stakeholders, including their private contractors working under a public contract, may access previously acquired imagery and order fresh images.
  • Private users: All or part of images supplied by DINAMIS may be accessed by private users working under contract to public stakeholders or on their own behalf for innovative R&D projects and development or ramp-up of an operational service.
  • Scientific users: DINAMIS services are accessible to French scientists. Foreign scientists who have signed a specific cooperation agreement with the French space agency CNES or are partners in research projects with French scientists who are subscribed to DINAMIS may access a subset of available imagery.

DINAMIS data and services catalogue

For new imagery requests, there is a specific application for members to specify Geostore archives or Pleiades / Spot 6-7 programming demands