National Institutional System for Mutualized Supply in Space Imaging

Genesis and ambition

DINAMIS, the National Institutional System for Mutualized Supply of Satellite Imagery, is a new tool that will gradually centralize access to high and very high spatial resolution images for many users in France outside of commercial activities. It takes over from precursor devices (GEOSUD, ISIS, DSP Pléiades, etc.) by unifying their resources (archives, reception facilities, IT infrastructure, organisation) and offering a single access portal. This system is now a cross-disciplinary component of the Data Terra Research Infrastructure, which in particular feeds the data centres (THEIA, ODATIS, FORM@TER, AERIS) for the development of downstream products and services.

DINAMIS was created under the impetus of 6 founding members – CIRAD, CNES, CNRS, IGN, INRAE, IRD – with the aim of facilitating access to and developing the use of data from satellite systems. It is now open to new financial contributors according to different possible formulas adapted to the needs and resources of each one.

Services offered

In the future system, DINAMIS will offer :

The entry point for access to commercial satellite data.
The catalogue of all data available free of charge.
The acquisition of new data requested by users on the national territory or abroad with currently two possible resolution ranges – 1.5 m or 50 cm.
Supporting users for operational access according to their needs.
Customizable additional services to co-financing partners.
DINAMIS thus contributes to the needs of the scientific community and territorial actors in spatial data to produce maps and indicators for public policies, local authorities, or even citizens.

Several user profiles can benefit from DINAMIS services:

Institutional users. All national or local public actors, as well as their private service providers within the framework of a public order, have access to images already acquired and can order new ones.
Private users. All or part of the DINAMIS images can be accessible to private users acting as a service provider for public actors or on their own account within the framework of innovative R&D projects, and in the development or start-up phase of an operational service.
Scientific users. National scientists have access to DINAMIS services. Foreign scientists, once they have signed a specific cooperation agreement with the CNES or are partners in research projects with French scientists who are members of the system, can have access to a subset of the images made available by DINAMIS.
Pierre Maurel (INRAE)
Jean-Paul Sempère (IGN)
Jean-François Faure (IRD)
Steven Hosford (CNES)