EGU DATA TERRA Session appel à résumé jusqu’au 10 janvier


Se déroulant du 14au 19 avril 2024, l’Assemblée générale 2024 de l’Union générale européenne (EGU) réunira des géoscientifiques du monde entier pour une réunion hybride couvrant toutes les disciplines des sciences de la Terre, des planètes et de l’espace.

Afin de discuter des travaux liés aux problématiques data et e-infrastructure, nous proposons la session suivante :

L’ appel à résumé pour cette session est désormais ouvert jusqu’au 10 janvier 2023

Nous invitons les chercheurs à soumettre leurs travaux à cette session ! Toutes les informations sur le site de l’EGU (en anglais)

GI2.3 Data and Information Services for Interdisciplinary Research and Applications in Earth Science

Research in Earth and environmental sciences benefits from interdisciplinary approaches (e.g. to understand and model multi-scale processes). The study of complex environmental processes may involve diverse collections of samples and associated field or laboratory measurements, sensors, remote sensing data, across international dimensions. Research benefits from practices that use easily-portable and reproducible tools and techniques. Best practices of sharing our data and software are now well-established and the earth science community needs to move forward with generally accepted methodologies of software and data distribution that can expand easily to include complex system and multi-domain challenges.

This session seeks innovative presentations for interdisciplinary research and applications, including but not limited to, on Earth Science data and service activities. Presentations addressing the specific societal needs, best practices, learned lessons and new challenges in data provenance, information access, visualization, and analysis, are highly encouraged, as well as presentation on the ways to adopt FAIR data principles towards sustainable solutions in Earth Science and the path to open science are. Discussion of challenges for future data services or European infrastructure are also welcome.