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Prospective workshop DINAMIS | Which data to come for which uses?

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On June 11, 2021, DINAMIS is organizing a forward-looking workshop on future directions for Very High Resolution Spatial (VHR) data to meet user needs, beyond the Pleiades and Spot 6-7 imagery currently available.

In a highly evolving context, the main challenge for DINAMIS is to maintain its ability to meet national needs for THRS imagery today and tomorrow, while reconciling the specificities of its user communities.

The workshop, which will be held remotely, aims to identify priorities in terms of needs and application uses around different missions of interest representative of current or future sensors: Pleiades-Neo, CO3D, Planet, Jilin, TerraSAR suite, Radarsat…

This participative event will propose a quick assessment of the uses of THRS data currently proposed, short technical presentations of satellite missions of interest, as well as moments of exchange around examples of concrete or presumed uses.

Invitations to participate will be sent very soon to users representative of the communities using the device. DINAMIS will keep all users informed of the conclusions of this workshop via its website and its news network.