Climate and science : innovation in atmospheric measurement techniques


On 8 June will take place the workshop virtual InnovAtmo2023 (Innovation in Atmospheric Measurement Techniques) dedicated to Innovation in Atmospheric Measurement Techniques. This is an opportunity to look back at the actions undertaken by Data Terra via the AERIS hub in the fight against global warming.

The place of AERIS in the European atmospheric measurement network

The InnovAtmo2023 workshop is a key moment in understanding the phenomena associated with global warming. The AERIS hub is directly involved via its contribution to the ACTRIS RI, a European research infrastructure that coordinates activities for the acquisition and dissemination of measurements characterising the ‘short-lived’ components of the atmosphere. The AERIS services provided to ACTRIS through DVAS, ARES, GRES and ASC include campaign support, data co-location, ReObs, GEISA, GARRLIC, NDAAC, and EUROCHAMP. 

The AERIS hub: a major player in the measurement of greenhouse gases in France

On a European scale, the Research Infrastructure (RI) ICOS (Integrated Carbon Observation System) in charge of measuring atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases and fluxes on ecosystems and the ocean.

At the French level, the SIFA National Observation Service (NOS) oversees the country’s atmospheric contribution to European studies. It comprises sixteen measuring stations, including nine in mainland France. Five of these stations are accredited in the European infrastructure ICOS-ERIC, the others being labelled in the SNO as national stations ICOS-France (but the same measurement protocols are deployed in all stations). 

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AERIS has developed the data portal of the NOS SIFA which distributes data from the 11 French stations that are not present in ICOS-ERIC, thus enabling better data processing for more accurate results. 

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The hub is also involved in the European RI project IAGOS (In-service Aircraft for a Global Observing System, ESFRI Roadmap 2006) operating a network of long-term observations of atmospheric composition (trace gases, reagents and greenhouse gases, aerosols, cloud particles) on commercial aircraft of international airlines and being closely linked with the ACTRIS RI. In this context, AERIS is the IAGOS data centre.