Data Terra Repository coming in 2022


The Data Terra research infrastructure, in collaboration with the French geological survey BRGM, is about to launch a data repository for Earth system and environmental science data. The first version of the repository will be open for deposits at the start of 2022.

Research data and open science

The Data Terra research infrastructure’s data repository is predicated on an open science approach in line with FAIR principles.

Initiated in 2018 by the Ministry for Higher Education, Research and Innovation, the national open science plan aims to structure actions that seek to encourage open access and sharing of data, publications and source code. This plan mandates dissemination to the widest number of data from government-funded projects.

A national federated research data platform is set to come on stream during the course of 2022. This platform will include a national repository to accommodate research data for which no thematic or institutional solution exists, and a catalogue to raise the profile of existing repositories of trust in the national arena.

With this aim in mind, Data Terra Repository is set to become the national storehouse for Earth system and environment data. These data will be consultable through the national platform’s catalogue.

Data Terra Repository

Data Terra Repository will offer the Earth system and environment science communities a service they can trust tailored to the specific features of georeferenced data. Project research data and long-tail data will be able to be deposited simply, in line with FAIR principles and with a DOI for each dataset. A team of subject matter contacts will support and advise users throughout the process.

This data repository is underpinned by all of the partners of Data Terra and its data hubs (CNRS, CNES, IRD, INRAE, Meteo-France, Ifremer, IGN, BRGM, etc.). A dedicated team of experts from BRGM and Data Terra is coordinating its implementation. The repository is hosted at BRGM.

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