DATA TERRA partner of Hack4Forest during the ONE FOREST SUMMIT

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SING/AGEOS in the Hack4Forest Hackathon

A hackathon to co-construct tomorrow’s solutions to preserve the forests of Central Africa

Data Terra is proud to be a partner of the One Forest Summit, a major event for the preservation of forests, through the organization of a hackathon together with IRD, INRAE, CIRAD, ETALAB, AGEOS and SING. DATA TERRA and the PNDB are the 2 French national thematic reference centers for the Earth System and the Environment. Within the framework of the partnership, scientific experts specialized in forests, through the THEIA pole of DATA TERRA as well as the PNDB, participated during the 2 days in order to guide the teams during the Hackathon.

The Hack4Forest took place during the One Forest Summit, a global summit to implement the major ambitions of the COP15 biodiversity in Montreal. For its first edition, organized in Libreville (Gabon), this summit intends to propose scientific and economic solutions to forest countries to help them reconcile demanding protection of the forest and direct economic interest. The One Forest Summit aims to advance the collective ambition of preservation and sustainable management of tropical forests.

The Hack4Forest hackathon was organized in parallel to the One Forest Summit in order to co-design a tool in support of the One Forest Vision (OFVi) and is based on the three pillars of the summit’s dynamics:

  • Advancing knowledge and promoting scientific cooperation;
  • Promotion of sustainable value chains in the forestry sector;
  • Development of innovative sources of financing, such as payments for ecosystem services that directly benefit people.

Within the framework of this hackathon, the Gabonese and French partners have engaged in a participatory and open science approach in order to bring together different communities, experts, civil society, start-uppers, scientists, and students, and propose concrete digital solutions to address the challenges of tropical forests and their impacts on climate, biodiversity, water and local economies. Associations and companies of the green economy such as RGEDD, Carbone 0, We Need, Yemaqua have actively participated in the Hackathon to confront the ideas with the reality of the field.

During 2 days in Libreville, participants were grouped into 4 teams GANDHALF, MENDZIME SO’SO, BIOSAVE and BODI-FULL. They presented innovative applications related to the themes proposed by the experts around the preservation of forests: integration of environmental data, human health, fight against deforestation, reforestation, forest regeneration and green economy. The common point of the projects is undoubtedly the importance of knowledge and dissemination of knowledge to the populations in order to raise awareness, but also to make them discover natural resources that can be real vectors for local economies and participate in the well-being of populations.

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