JOIN US AT GEODATADAYS Boot 24 Village spatial


At stand 24, Data Terra aims to present new services related to geomatics and its application within our research infrastructure. On September 14 and 15, the Geodatadays are an opportunity to come and discuss with us and discover the services offered by DATA TERRA to access data, and their combined processing. The result is essential knowledge for all those working to respond to major environmental challenges, in particular imposed by climate change.

With multiple applications of geographic information, research scientists and data experts study, analyze and help to better understand and model our Earth system, by collecting data and creating services at the forefront of innovation. A few key examples that allow you to realize the articulation of the different services operated by DATA TERRA through its 4 poles AERIS (atmosphere) , FORM@ter (Solid Earth) , ODATIS (Oceans) and THEIA (continental surfaces) as well as its 2 technical and scientific devices DINAMIS , INTER-POLES :