Launch of GEODESY PLOTTER – Pôle ForM@Ter


The Geodesy Plotter service provides a platform for the visualisation of geodetic products to meet the needs of the national Solid Earth community. The main aim of the service is to provide users with user-friendly, scalable access to a variety of geodetic products, ranging from time series to other products derived from geodetic processing (GNSS positioning solutions, velocities, tropospheric and ionospheric delays, etc.).

The platform was developed by the ForM@Ter cluster of the Data Terra e-Research Infrastructure, in close collaboration with the GNSS Data and Products group of the Epos-France Observation Research Infrastructure, SNO RENAG and the SPOTGINS project. This synergy facilitates intercomparison work between the different solutions, to offer an integrated service to users. The API associated with the service is designed to promote interoperability with other external tools and services.

In its first version, The Geodesy Plotter focuses mainly on GNSS time series calculated by research groups and GNSS data analysis centres.

Examples of potential applications for the service :

Illustration of the co-seismic deformation of the magnitude 9 Tohoku earthquake in 2011. Massive processing in high-frequency PPP mode of dense networks of stations using GINS software. Credits: CNES – GRGS (source: GINS – GRGS ( ).