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National projects

Data Terra is contributing to a range of national projects under the auspices of several research programmes.

The PIA future investment programme, initiated in 2010, is led by the Secretariat General for Investment (SGPI). The goal of this government programme is to fund promising and innovative investments in strategic sectors for France, such as the ecological transition, business competitiveness, higher education and research, industrial sovereignty and the digital economy. The programme spans the full innovation life cycle from conception through to commercialization of a new product or service, connecting public research and the world of business. The PIA is founded on the dual principle of generating multiplier effects and sharing risks, with the government investing in an innovation project that is usually co-funded by private or public partners.

The programme is being deployed in four successive phases, each one engaging new funding to support innovation and growth potential in France.

ANR Flash calls for projects are issued by ANR, the French national research agency. The Flash call issued in March 2019 under the national open science plan asked the scientific community to propose solutions for applying open science principles to research data. This call marks an opportunity for the various scientific communities to advance maturity in structuring, accessibility, reuse, interoperability, citation, sharing and openness of research data. More broadly, it ties in with European and international moves towards open science and aims to step up France’s participation in initiatives like the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC), GO FAIR, the Research Data Alliance (RDA) or the Global Sustainability Coalition for Open Science Services (SCOSS).

CPER regional development plans are a government tool intended to strengthen land planning policy and thus promote equality between regions. They achieve convergence between funding for foundational land planning projects, as well as aligning public policies to serve a shared strategic vision in each region of France.

There are also inter-regional development plans (CPIERs) for rivers and mountain regions. The new generation of CPERs and CPIERs for 2021-2027 is in preparation.